Moments of my Entertainment Career


In my life as an aspiring Entertainer, there are moments that were pivotal and could have jettisoned me to great heights had I executed... However, there too were moments that convincingly clarified I was indeed in the right lane.

When I was attempting to make a transition to the entertainment world, I was apprised of an opportunity to be heard and seen by producers of the truly best show ever within it's genre, STAR SEARCH. It was being held in Hollywood in a two story facility which was packed! We were to bring demo tapes as  this was about Singers. Hopeful participant buzz permeated the theater and I was located in the balcony when suddenly, as the Producers were located on the ground level in the center, this beautiful soft voice begun. The buzz and all activity froze. You could hear a pin drop as this soft sweet almost angelic voice was singing a classic song I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU... It was unbelievable. It was me!!!

The Producers let it play a bit then stopped it to make a point and to this day I'm certain they had an additional intent, as they played no other tapes, only mine. The lead Producer stood up and said "this tape did not have a contact label on it and will the Singer please stand up"... I was mortified!!! How could that have happened to a semi perfectionist such as I? I distinctly recalled affixing a contact label to my tape. The Producer repeated "will the Singer of this song please stand up". My nervous system kicked in, negative thoughts arose, how could I have not had a label on my tape? Just stand up anyway!!! To make things worse, in that packed theater, I swear, the Producer looked in the balcony directly at me... Having been a very successful Salesman, I uniquely understood body language and I could read what he was thinking as his eyes were clearly fixated on me. Please let this be him! He repeated a third time "will the Singer of this song please stand up". You could hear a pin drop and here I am, still frozen, supremely embarrassed, paralyzed, and finally the Producer said "oh well, perhaps it's the Phantom" and moved on...

They played no other tapes that evening and in view of what I've learned about this process, the moment they discover a tape is unlabeled it goes in the proverbial filing cabinet... Folks, if you don't know what that means, it's the GARBAGE CAN!!! Ha!!! Hence, there is no question in my mind, I was the one person they picked out of all those participants, who got their tapes heard, was to become a participant on the show. And they wanted to also make a point of how important it is to not make the mistake I made (believe it or not this happens a lot) which obviously in my haste to get out the door, pocketed the wrong tape as I absolutely had the contact label put on my tape. What greater way to emphasize that point than by showing, if they had not listened to this tape, in which they ordinarily would not have, this young man would not have been afforded this opportunity...

To this very day, I still wonder about myself, why? Why wouldn't I just stand up for a chance of a lifetime?

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Glenn Guess Radcliffe