Moments; A Lesson Taught to Hecklers

I was singing on the "Love Boat" in the Atrium which was this beautiful open (3 decks) room on the Sun Princess, the 2nd Love Boat, when a bunch of voices could all of a sudden be heard over mine. Initially it was from a level below then gravitated, directly passing my riser (a small stage) and rudely disrupting my show...

It was 5 or 6 Italians who appeared as unruly as a Futbol team after a match! They seemed to take great pleasure in what they thought was positive attention towards their shenanigans. Their self perceived good singing was really offensive to all of us!

One of them stopped right in front of me and yelled "he can't sing"! Well a couple of the others pulled him aside and said "come on now, don't go there" while making a gesture to suggest oh yes he can!

I was fuming inside but under know circumstances could you ever loose your temper or react in any negative fashion. So I decided to keep smiling and invite him up to the mic to sing a song. He chose "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers. I found a suitable key for him and started the music. He sang the song and he received applause.

What he failed to understand about audiences, was in that application, they are almost never rude... They will give most people a warm and sometimes cursory appreciation for the attempt. He unfortunately felt full of himself then gave me the look of complete disdain with total self satisfaction as if to suggest, now that is how it's done!

Hummmm, I decided at that moment to teach all of them, especially him, a lesson... I restarted the song and sang the song all over again! I could see with each passing phrase and notes hit he could only dream of hitting, his posture was becoming more and more diminished. At the end of the song his lesson worsened, as the audience gave me a standing ovation and one gentleman yelled out "now that's a Pro"!

The audience crushed him as they sought to teach him a lesson they were certain he would never forget and the audience actually enjoyed humiliating him. This was the audience's retribution for me and for there interference of what, here to fore, was a lovely evening.

I graciously thanked the disruptors for their participation as they slithered away in infamy. Hecklers handled!

Stay tuned for more Moments...


Glenn Radcliffe