How I became a great Salesman

How I became a great Salesman and you can too... The most important ingredient is to manifest TRUST. This is more difficult than you may understand. I believe it begins with your appearance, the way you dress, the way you speak, your jesters, your belief in your product and to simply NOT SELL!

Consult, advise and probe to find out objectives, needs, wants and the emotional meters that ultimately dictate a purchase (not a sell). Do not be loud, animated but do be inquisitive about the subject's personality. Seek commonalities. Find something you can genuinely like about your subject. Be light and approachable. No insincere crap! But simultaneously, you must be strong and fully in control. There are service Salesmen and Control Salesmen... Control Salesmen make all the money!

Know your product! Know your subject! Be strong but liked! Never lie! If you do not know an answer, do not fake it! Simply state you do not have an answer but you will find out. And NEVER PREJUDGE your subject!

Not to prejudge is very difficult. Depending upon your product, you will look at a prospect and make judgements about them with regard to their ability to purchase, perhaps their intellect, their sincerity (you will encounter many posers), whether you even like them or not! Are they just wasting your time? And all the other negative emotions that occur because of a history of fakers, losers and the like you have vehemently built up intolerance for... You can not give into these negative emotions and must treat each new prospect with respect and freshness because you never know who you are talking too and what their knowledge and capabilities really are.

Let me tell you a little story when I was the national top Sales Consultant for U.S. Home Corporation, the #1 new home builder in the country at the time.

I was sitting in a trailer awaiting prospects when I heard a car approach (the townhomes had not yet been built as I was selling from floor plans). I looked out the window and saw a raggedy old compact car. I began to prejudge! The couple came in and I greeted them with muted delight, bordering on being dismissive. They inquired and I was treading on rudeness because, in my mind, I have seen this scenario hundreds of times and I prejudged the outcome. However, when I knowingly communicated a lack of interest (usually this posture would signal, I know who you are and you're wasting my time) this couple instead of fleeing from the chill, continued their inquiry.

Well, this did not fit my usual scenario so I abruptly changed and went into my winning sells approach. I took time, treated them with the utmost respect, qualified them, educated them, made friends with them, advised them of the investment prospects of this product beyond just shelter... And then asked for the order! You must ask for the order to determine what their objections may be, if any, then shut up! The next one who speaks usually looses.

I could readily see they wanted this product. They understood shelter but much appreciated the investment approach I presented. I knew I had made the connection and yes, the sell! They were ready to write but decided to think about it and uttered that phrase "we'll be back"! Ha!

I did not despair, I continued to make friends with them all the way out the door and fully expected their return...

This was a Sunday, the next day at our Monday morning Sales Meeting, the Division President had a big surprise for all the Sales Consultants... He had hired professional shoppers to go out to all the subdivisions. His report was, the only Salesman they would consider purchasing from was me! And further, they were still considering actually purchasing my product! NEVER PREJUDGE!!!

I learned my lesson and continued to fight negative emotions regarding prejudging...

I am just getting started on the Road to a Sell with you... Please return for insights from a great Salesman.


Glenn Radcliffe