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Should You Buy Bonds Now?


The Financial Markets are presently nightmarish for non Traders... This means preservation of capital should be paramount for most investors unless you are very young and can not foresee the use of your investment capital for the long haul.

From this perspective, Treasury and Municipals emerge as viable alternatives. However, are they?

Understand they are fixed income investments that will need to be held to maturity less the investor wishes to be subject to market price fluctuations which can lead to potential capital gains or LOSSES! Why?

Consider the rate is fixed as long as they are held but what happens if interest rates go up? This is my point... We are in a record low interest rate environment, they must and will go up going forward. How would this impact you if, let's say your fixed rate is 3%? What happens to the price of your Bonds if rates go up to say 4% down the road?

Remember, your rate is fixed. So other investors are now considering purchase of your exact bonds you may wish to sell right now for myriad reasons... Let's say you paid a price of $100.00 dollars for your Bonds. Why would a new investor pay you $100.00 for your bonds with a fixed rate of 3% when they can purchase other Bonds that are presently yielding 4% for a price of $100.00? Would you?

Of course you wouldn't, so how does the market address this? It's simple! When interest rates go up, Bond prices go down! Conversely, when interest rates go down, Bond prices go up! This is to mitigate the fixed rate of a bond to reflect the changes in external interest rates which reflect your actual yield... It is an inverse relationship.

So in our scenario, your Bond price must go down in order to get your fixed 3% rate to equal the prevailing 4% environment, hence, if you sell, you would experience a capital LOSS! The reverse could be true if one is in a falling interest rate environment with a higher fixed rate.

We know rates will continue to likely go up, barring very serious world wide difficult economic conditions, therefore, my advice would be to stay very short on fixed income investments or consider very strong Utility or very Blue Chip Equities with an historic nice dividend if you have an overwhelming need for yield or just stay in cash...

I have over simplified this scenario in order that you comprehend the inverse relationship between fixed income rates, price action and yield... I hope this has been helpful.


Glenn Radcliffe


The Day Sinatra Passed


The Day Sinatra Passed, I just happened to be performing at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel... For those of you whom are unaware, Sinatra's presence in the Palms Springs area was significant. He was truly a beloved figure here and much beloved by me.

The sacrifices and stands he took in favor of Sammy Davis Jr and Black People in Entertainment, once I was made aware, really astounded me. I had no idea this man bore that kind of courage. His acts effected me deeply.

On the evening of his passing, I had a large crowd I was performing for. They requested, as you can imagine, a Sinatra song... I decided to perform his signature song "My Way"... Many times when I am performing, and I really feel it, I close my eyes at certain emotional stages of a song to allow the song to consume me. This happened! I multi process when I sing and during this song, flashes of history regarding Sinatra's efforts, particularly in Las Vegas simply enveloped me. It was akin to an out of body experience. I was there only partially. My mind was seemingly in a different dimension... Before I began my approach to the dramatic ending of this great song, I opened my eyes and to my astonishment, there were no dry eyes in the house! Everyone had teared up! I was overwhelmed and I teared up too and broke down just before the dramatic notes I needed to hit to close the song out. Even though that last great note was fractured by emotion the people responded with dynamic appreciation for the entire heartfelt moment... It was extraordinary!

Unfortunately for me, that moment put such a stamp on me going forward, I could never again, perform that song all the way thru... All those remembrances of the emotionalism and significance of that song created from the evening of his passing, disallowed me to continue that song without breaking down all over again... After several mid song embarrassing breakdowns to audiences that had no connection to that evening, I decided to never sing that song again...

Well as fortune would have it, the very first night of my new and exciting engagement on the iconic "Love Boat," this very elegant little old lady sitting right down front, requested that very song... Oh my, what am I to do? What do I do!

I thought, perhaps, an explanation of that evening would suffice as to why I am unable to honor her request... My honesty had touched her and the audience too. I could see it and feel it. She then stood up and said to me "don't worry young man, you will make it thru tonight"... The rest of the audience applauded in support, I obviously had no choice but to attempt it.

Remember, this is my very first night on "The Love Boat," do I dare mess this up! Talk about pressure!

Well I started the song, and as I approached the area (even in practice) where I know I begin to well up, the emotion began to overtake me, the out of body experience began to manifest itself, and I knew I was in trouble but my eyes were open and I looked directly at this beautifully elegant old lady who was supporting me and aiding me along, all through her smile and facial gestures, it happened... I made it pass that point! Wow! I couldn't believe it! Feeling a burst of energy and confidence, I hit the sustained closing note like never before and the audience gave me a thundering standing ovation... I thanked the audience profusely and a special thanks to my angel...

At the end of the cruise I learned I was voted the best Entertainer on board!

Follow your dreams,

Glenn Radcliffe


Moments; A Lesson Taught to Hecklers


I was singing on the "Love Boat" in the Atrium which was this beautiful open (3 decks) room on the Sun Princess, the 2nd Love Boat, when a bunch of voices could all of a sudden be heard over mine. Initially it was from a level below then gravitated, directly passing my riser (a small stage) and rudely disrupting my show...

It was 5 or 6 Italians who appeared as unruly as a Futbol team after a match! They seemed to take great pleasure in what they thought was positive attention towards their shenanigans. Their self perceived good singing was really offensive to all of us!

One of them stopped right in front of me and yelled "he can't sing"! Well a couple of the others pulled him aside and said "come on now, don't go there" while making a gesture to suggest oh yes he can!

I was fuming inside but under know circumstances could you ever loose your temper or react in any negative fashion. So I decided to keep smiling and invite him up to the mic to sing a song. He chose "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers. I found a suitable key for him and started the music. He sang the song and he received applause.

What he failed to understand about audiences, was in that application, they are almost never rude... They will give most people a warm and sometimes cursory appreciation for the attempt. He unfortunately felt full of himself then gave me the look of complete disdain with total self satisfaction as if to suggest, now that is how it's done!

Hummmm, I decided at that moment to teach all of them, especially him, a lesson... I restarted the song and sang the song all over again! I could see with each passing phrase and notes hit he could only dream of hitting, his posture was becoming more and more diminished. At the end of the song his lesson worsened, as the audience gave me a standing ovation and one gentleman yelled out "now that's a Pro"!

The audience crushed him as they sought to teach him a lesson they were certain he would never forget and the audience actually enjoyed humiliating him. This was the audience's retribution for me and for there interference of what, here to fore, was a lovely evening.

I graciously thanked the disruptors for their participation as they slithered away in infamy. Hecklers handled!

Stay tuned for more Moments...


Glenn Radcliffe


How I became a great Salesman


How I became a great Salesman and you can too... The most important ingredient is to manifest TRUST. This is more difficult than you may understand. I believe it begins with your appearance, the way you dress, the way you speak, your jesters, your belief in your product and to simply NOT SELL!

Consult, advise and probe to find out objectives, needs, wants and the emotional meters that ultimately dictate a purchase (not a sell). Do not be loud, animated but do be inquisitive about the subject's personality. Seek commonalities. Find something you can genuinely like about your subject. Be light and approachable. No insincere crap! But simultaneously, you must be strong and fully in control. There are service Salesmen and Control Salesmen... Control Salesmen make all the money!

Know your product! Know your subject! Be strong but liked! Never lie! If you do not know an answer, do not fake it! Simply state you do not have an answer but you will find out. And NEVER PREJUDGE your subject!

Not to prejudge is very difficult. Depending upon your product, you will look at a prospect and make judgements about them with regard to their ability to purchase, perhaps their intellect, their sincerity (you will encounter many posers), whether you even like them or not! Are they just wasting your time? And all the other negative emotions that occur because of a history of fakers, losers and the like you have vehemently built up intolerance for... You can not give into these negative emotions and must treat each new prospect with respect and freshness because you never know who you are talking too and what their knowledge and capabilities really are.

Let me tell you a little story when I was the national top Sales Consultant for U.S. Home Corporation, the #1 new home builder in the country at the time.

I was sitting in a trailer awaiting prospects when I heard a car approach (the townhomes had not yet been built as I was selling from floor plans). I looked out the window and saw a raggedy old compact car. I began to prejudge! The couple came in and I greeted them with muted delight, bordering on being dismissive. They inquired and I was treading on rudeness because, in my mind, I have seen this scenario hundreds of times and I prejudged the outcome. However, when I knowingly communicated a lack of interest (usually this posture would signal, I know who you are and you're wasting my time) this couple instead of fleeing from the chill, continued their inquiry.

Well, this did not fit my usual scenario so I abruptly changed and went into my winning sells approach. I took time, treated them with the utmost respect, qualified them, educated them, made friends with them, advised them of the investment prospects of this product beyond just shelter... And then asked for the order! You must ask for the order to determine what their objections may be, if any, then shut up! The next one who speaks usually looses.

I could readily see they wanted this product. They understood shelter but much appreciated the investment approach I presented. I knew I had made the connection and yes, the sell! They were ready to write but decided to think about it and uttered that phrase "we'll be back"! Ha!

I did not despair, I continued to make friends with them all the way out the door and fully expected their return...

This was a Sunday, the next day at our Monday morning Sales Meeting, the Division President had a big surprise for all the Sales Consultants... He had hired professional shoppers to go out to all the subdivisions. His report was, the only Salesman they would consider purchasing from was me! And further, they were still considering actually purchasing my product! NEVER PREJUDGE!!!

I learned my lesson and continued to fight negative emotions regarding prejudging...

I am just getting started on the Road to a Sell... Please return for insights from a great Salesman.


Glenn Radcliffe



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