Glenn Guess Radcliffe

  Let's meet a true Modern Day Renaissance Man...

Glenn learned in Kindergarten he was different when all the other kids laughed at his art work until the teacher tried to explain the concept of foreground and background and why images in the background should be smaller than the foreground. Glenn's pallet was truly well beyond his age. A few years later, while still in Elementary School, a Chicagoland search was undertaken by the famed Art Institute of Chicago to identify the most gifted young Artists in the city which would be invited to a summer session of coaching at Illinois Institute of Technology.  Glenn was identified and upon completion was chosen most outstanding among this highly gifted group as his picture and caption were published in Chicago's major newspaper, The Chicago Tribune, which suggested the city should take a look at this young man as he just may become "America's next great designer"...

At 12 years old he was painting full and intricate murals in plastic oils for homeowners in the neighborhood. In High School, his art won numerous accolades especially his pastel chalk portrait of the assassinated President, John F. Kennedy and his pencil sketch of his young son, John John, saluting his father as his casket went by. Upon graduation he was voted "Best Dressed", "Most Artistic", and runner up for "Most Popular and King of the Prom".

Glenn's gifts did not stop there, in Grammar School, he was chosen to sing the key Christmas song during the Holidays and in High School he was considered the best Singer as he entertained at Senior Entertainment even though there was another young man who actually had a national hit record out at that time! Glenn also was the star of the Baseball and Track Teams. He says he had an opportunity to play professionally, but to him "it was just a game" as in those days there were not the big contracts of today and further, he was living across and down the street from some of the biggest stars on Chicago's two major league Baseball teams. He also, for reasons undisclosed, did not utilize his artistic gifts in life although he did very briefly attend Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles wherein he discovered he really didn't like to sew (a problem for the creative process) and although he did create a Men's Line, he felt he needed too many other hands, e.g., Pattern Makers and other Contractors which he felt would leave his business much to vulnerable to third parties. Further, just as he was identified by the Art Institute of Chicago for being most fascinated by women's figure drawing and portraiture, he says he "much preferred creation of a woman's line but he knew he didn't possess the construction skills to compete in that market without delegating these prized qualities to many other hands that would presumably interpret what he has in his mind, but at a significant employee expense he really did not wish to bare"...

Well, as it turns out, you will see, Glenn had substantial gifts in other areas that he did pursue and at an outstanding and dominant level which buttresses his moniker as a true Modern Day Renaissance Man.

Glenn enjoyed major success in the business arena. He was the first black to enter the lofty world of Municipal Bond Sales, Trading and Underwriting as he began training at the Harris Trust Bank in Chicago who maintained the most complete municipal underwriting files in America as it was founded as a Municipal Bond House in the 1800's. Glenn reached the million dollar profit table faster than anyone else had, historically, as he did it in his first week after finishing the nearly one year long training program.

Glenn then went on to learn the equities side of Wall Street by joining the top firm at that time Merill Lynch, as a Stockbroker which was very prestigious in those days. After months of training, Glenn finished his first year as the national top broker in opening new accounts among

all Brokers in his class... Merrill utilized his success in a national ad campaign to attract new brokers.

Glenn was just getting started... During his time at Merrill, his artistic side kept manifesting itself in myriad ways. Glenn's look and style compelled him to seek entry in the Modeling world and he did so with a bang!!! Within 18 months Glenn had booked 5 national and regional television commercials with such companies as McDonald's and booked print ads with the likes of Caterpillar Tractors and Hamburger Helper. Ironically, his very first TV Commercial for McDonalds, Glenn played a Stockbroker!  Glenn now harbored much larger aspirations... Hollywood!!!

Glenn moved his brokerage business to the Hollywood Merrill Lynch office from the #1 John Hancock North Michigan Ave office within the company and unfortunately grossly underestimated how different L.A. was from Chicago as he soon learned that Angelenos were much more wedded to Real Estate than Stocks and Bonds and to make matters worse, Glenn's very first "look see" from a national super star Modeling Agent went like this. She said "you're a cute kid but what else do you have"? Glenn says "he was kind of crushed" but learned very quickly what this new landscape was like... He was an emerging big fish in Chicago and near nothing in LA...

So Glenn was in LA armed with a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) card and a brokerage business he no longer had the heart for and now considered other directions. Since Glenn had some money he decided to apply for a McDonald's Franchise. He was vetted and accepted and moved through the training like lighting and within short order he was offered a store in Seattle ahead of others who were already in the training cycle. Glenn was about to make another major mistake. He signed contracts that disclosed he would not be offered a store within California, he was OK with that initially except one thing happened, he fell in love with a very beautiful LA Lady and did not want to leave her... He was dropped from the Franchisee Program, further, he knew his days as a Merrill Stockbroker were also numbered because he no longer had the will to produce. But this is Glenn, you don't believe he was toast yet, do ya? Ha!

Glenn said the happiest two years of his life were the first two in LA. He started trading for his own account, met with success and quickly was accepted into the A List world of LA. He  purchased the hottest car in the world at that time, a Sun Yellow Mercedes 450SL with cash. Dressed better than most everyone else, met and dated an A Lister and had a ball... But back to business! Glenn began to understand the dynamics of Real Estate and decided to purchase a beautiful home in Mesa, Arizona for a price that was impossible in LA. Oh, and just before he moved, he did get terminated at Merrill Lynch for lack of production just before he could formally resign.  Glenn had done his homework and now coveted Real Estate as his new pathway...

He got his Arizona Real Estate license and as he started driving people around showing homes he immediately patently understood this wasn't conceivably possible for him... Now what? He tried to cash in a trump card, his big time Wall Street background, but this bank he interviewed with found a way to say no, which was "you are to entrepreneurial". But nothing ventured nothing gained!  Glenn later saw and ad by the nation's #1 builder. U.S. Home Corporation and after he made some big time interview promises he was hired and the rest is history... Glenn became the national best selling New Home Sales Consultant of it's 2,500 Consultants across the country. Glenn was Legendary! He also became Vice President of Sales of the Phoenix North Division.

 This position facilitated adding to his considerable financial coffers and then he was discovered by writers of a wonderful book entitled "America's Richest Bachelors"... They said "Glenn received the 2nd most mail of all the bachelors"!!! Then Cosmopolitan Magazine did a spread on Glenn followed by Scottsdale Magazine and a small article in Black Enterprise Magazine...

And if you finally think this Renaissance Man is done, unbelievably his story get's even more interesting... Read On!

Glenn ultimately married his beautiful LA Lady and abandoned his very successful career with U.S. Home Corporation in Arizona as he opted to open a small subdivision in Riverside County, CA, a first for U.S.Home. He did so, principally to be closer to his new bride, unfortunately this required a more than 2 hour plus one way grueling 6 days a week drive from Downtown LA but Glenn was doing it for love!

 Having no time to enjoy his bride who had commuted from LA each weekend to Scottsdale to be with him while he manned, built and sold his subdivisions in trailers from the dirt and scorpions to final product... He ultimately quit the grind and walked away without any future plans...

A life changing and very difficult time ensued...

Glenn really learned about the underbelly of LA as search firms declared he was the most qualified for the Wall Street type positions and the best interviewee but he never was hired. Glenn was now in a very precarious position, he reluctantly turned back to Wall Street and became a Commodities Broker and then opened his own Commodities Introducing Brokerage firm specializing in Currency Trading. His very first month in business he earned over $10k but one of his best clients from Utah he had made really good money for with his Delta Neutral trading system, under the inauspicious advice of another of his client's Brokers who convinced him to say " Glenn made an unauthorized trade in his account." Of course manufactured by his other Broker to facilitate busting Glenn's trade so he could use the capital for another position with that Broker. At 5:00 am Glenn got a call from the Clearing House in Chicago threatening to terminate his agreement when we decided to get the client on a 3 way call wherein he thankfully admitted he lied in view of scare tactics from his other broker regarding the riskiness of this type of trading. The Clearing House cleared Glenn and terminated his client's position and barred his client from trading and he would have made $17k in 3 weeks just as we had done before... There was nothing new about the trade and the risks were fully disclosed... His client apologized profusely but Glenn then recognized why another Commodities firm he had worked for would tape every order acceptance. He did not wish to do business in that manner nor assume the unlimited personal financial risk of what would have happened if the customer had not came clean. So he shut the business down immediately!!!

Now what?

California Real Estate was heating up so he considered a Mortgage Loan Brokerage but the years of stress were finally catching up with him. He became General Manager of a 2nd tier Stock Brokerage but after Merrill Lynch this was the little leagues. So he decided to attend Law School. He loved it but it too harbored tremendous stress and was like having two jobs. Unfortunately for Glenn about 3 weeks before his first year final exams he had to undergo an operation to remove seriously protruding Hemorrhoids... Considered the best student in the class, he was done as he was already dithering about becoming a Lawyer after he read some statistics in California Lawyer Magazine stating nearly 80% of California Lawyers would have preferred another profession.

Then it happened... An undetermined illness which was tantamount to a super flu everyday for 6 months. "It's hard to even get out of bed". For lack of a better explanation, Doctors called it Epstein Barr Syndrome... To this day he has never been the same.

But never underestimate this suave gentleman who actually has a rough rider core. He is an ex US Army Paratrooper and always remembers their mantra while going through Jump School, "when it's rough going, the tough get going"! He utilized some of his Law School 1st year education and took advantage of a rule in California that allowed Paralegals to do paper work filing but no legal advice or representation. He ran ads and operated from home preparing and filing bankruptcies and to a lesser degree divorces while he began to change his diet and reinvested in Tae Kwon Do private training he had started years before. In a little less than 3 years he earned his Black Belt and was much healthier and it was now time to move on. He had badly injured his wrist breaking a brick (bare fist) for his Black Belt Test in which it took three attempts but he did it!!! It took 6 months to heal but Glenn had reloaded and was ready to role again.

Thanks Nick, I enjoyed the pain!!! Ha!!!


What's the next move?

He decided to only embrace things that he fully enjoyed, putting money aside. He enjoyed singing and endeavored to become an Entertainer. He practiced 7 to 12 hours a day. Hired a Vocal Coach and while skiing in South Lake Tahoe, he met a great Entertainer who was the Headliner at Caesars. He gave Glenn the mic and Glenn killed it. Glenn became very popular and was introduced to a highly technical keyboard (not a Synthesizer) that allowed him to become a Solo Entertainer... Once his show was crafted he sent promo kits to Agents in Vancouver, Canada, Vegas, Miami and London... London was the only one that didn't respond, the Vegas Agent was quite offensive as he said Glenn's keyboard skills would never suffice on Piano heavy Cruise Ships and the Florida Agent said he was a spectacular Singer. The Vancouver Agent offered him an immediate opportunity as he played Glenn's video (only the singing voice over the phone) for Princess Cruises and guess what? His very first Gig beyond Palm Springs turned out to be Guest Entertainer on the "Love Boat" cruising the Mexican Rivera, the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, the West Coast and ultimately opening the Alaskan Region in season.

He became the highest rated Guest Entertainer and most popular Entertainer on the Love Boat for two plus years and every other Cruise Ship and International Hotel around the world he performed in. Oh, and to that Vegas Agent, Glenn changed the Piano heavy Cruise Industry to much greater acceptance of the Electronic Keyboard... He had loving and truly supportive fans whom still, to this day, refer back to their time with him. And still say for their money he is one of the best ever, rating him in the Sinatra stratosphere...

I can tell you this (and yes it's me speaking now) my very first standing ovation, and by a wide margin, was more exciting than the first time I ever made a $100k in a month. And by a country mile too !!! I traveled all over the world and never again generated the kind of income I once enjoyed but I could have become one of the biggest stars on the planet, however, I got to much of a taste of the not so glamorous side of travel and the Music Business much to late in life. This is why Record Labels do not desire signing acts much past twenty! You will simply never believe the opportunities I turned down for a sure pathway to worldwide stardom... Most people would have done just about anything for those opportunities... Sometimes I do have regrets but when I consider the health issues and peace of mind and other impediments I had to overcome the regrets pale significantly as I had spent enough time in grungy hotels around the planet and other distastes which were not the least bit glamorous.

Well that is a little part of my biography and if you got this far, I thank you very much...

With sincere respect and affection, I wish you all the best... And a special thanks to the great Lou Rawls who has passed on, whom I entertained at the Indian Wells Resort Hotel for many hours. He said I was truly great and he danced and enjoyed being entertained for a change. He asked me if I wanted to take a photo with him but I had no camera (no iphones in those days, ha!) and the regular Bartender who always kept a camera was not there that evening so Lou Rawls said he would have his office send me a photo. I never expected to see it. But look below!

Glenn actually never ever was a slave to money, his aspirations were much more simple. He wanted to be a College History Professor or a Psychologist! And if he had been born in a different era, he would have been a Center Fielder in Major League Baseball as he was the star of his High School Baseball and Track Teams, he possesses Olympic level speed... Glenn, however, does have exquisite taste in homes, cars, fashion, and fine dining which does require money. Umm and beautiful women too!!! Ha!!! But, in view of his past successes, he has had more than his share of these possessions, notwithstanding women of course, as they are not possessions, but inclusive of a beautiful Sailing Yacht in Marina Del Rey, CA entitled, what else," Mr Melody"...

Unfortunately he has also learned something about women too... Having been with his Lady Love for over three decades, due to circumstances not of his making, he has spent the last decade living alone... And it is this experience that prompted him to create a niche online dating site, after extensive consultation with women around the world as to what they really prefer in men. He's truly learned a lot and even though, to this day his Lady Love is still his very best friend in the world, his existence without being in love (he will always love his Lady Love), as she was the only woman he's ever been in love with (he has loved another) he can never go back to not being IN LOVE AGAIN... But truly, what are the percentages of that happening again?

Glenn knows he is not alone, other men who have lived fast paced life styles face significant problems meeting the right type of women as these men are not out and about as much because they are either busy in their occupations or they are older and are know longer enamored with certain lifestyle choices. Revelation of this need is not new, what is new is how Glenn's dating protocol will approach a remedy... And it starts with Gentlemen must undergo IRS Verification of Incomes to be on his site which is for higher end incomes while simultaneously preventing the estimated 30% of men who are untruthful about their marital status when they join a Singles site...

Stay tuned and do believe in the art of love and happiness...



Thank you for your visit and time,


Glenn Guess Radcliffe


You may be wondering about my middle name "Guess"? Guess was my given name at birth. Late in Grammar School I was told to begin using Glenn Radcliffe instead of Glenn Guess... Unfortunately I only found out 3 years ago, as I assumed I had been adopted by my mother's husband, turned out not to be the truth... In viewing my birth certificate I always had silent fury because I knew it was a lie. I was infuriated because it declared I was born to this man when I knew he had never set foot in the state where I was born and didn't even know my young 15 year old mother! I harbor no animosity toward him as he was a good man. I finally requested an explanation from my mother and she told me my biological father harangued her and absolutely demanded his last name not be present on my birth certificate. He never wanted to meet me and he never did!

My mother, being a proud woman, went to the small town I was born in and requested the clerk change my birth certificate from Glenn E. Guess to Glenn E. Radcliffe... My mother says she regrets that but I have no ill feelings regarding her actions. I understood why she did it. But I am still faced with a document which declares my arrival on the planet as actually being a lie... What would you do? What would you really do?

I have researched my given name and feel much more knowledgeable about my background which is partially from Wales. I now can make a lot more sense of who I truly am and what the ingredients to my personage are truly comprised of. My background, my heritage is very important to me.

I want to change my name back to my birth given name but at this late stage of life there are complications... So I have begun utilizing my true given as my middle name but this is just not enough. That document that is a lie still weighs on me... I think I am going to change it!

Truly, what would you do? I'd like to know...

Well thanks, you made it through this rather long Bio, ha! Didn't you have something better to do? Ha! Just kidding!  But stay tuned, it ain't over till it's over:)


Glenn Guess